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I love photography, therefore photography is not just limited to people but encompasses places I've seen and had the privilege to go to. I love to take everyday places and take shots there that make someone look at that ordinary place in an extraordinary way

Diamonds In The Rough

Fashion is demanding. Fashion is highclass. Fashion is the backbone of society. It affects everyone. From what to wear, to what to cook, to what NOT to wear. Have fun and dress up!

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Aimee Lower
Photography Studio


Couple Sessions- It's all about the love

It's the he said she said moments. It's the "lets get together and have a cup of coffee" that leads to the "Will you make me the happiest person on earth for the rest of our lives?" Relive those moments in our Engagement Sessions

Let's go out to your favorite spot, let's get you dressed up in your highschool football uniform. Let's go have fun! I want to capture those everyday moment's that make you, YOU! Contact me today to set up your portrait session
Specializing in Family and Fashion shoots

The Fun Moments

Weddings- they are an event comprised of hundreds of "moments" The moment the Bride and Groom kiss for the first time, the moment they enter the reception. Every moment a moment to treasure

Weddings - The Romance Captured

Children- The Stars of our Future.

Children- from newborns to pre-adolescent. They help us remember what it was like to be young! They infuse us with laughter and love. They make us smile and sometimes scowl, but we love them all the same!



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